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Metal Detector

Signal Zone and Multi-zone Metal Detection

People screening is an integral factor in achieving a secure and safe environment, whether at an airport, public place, events, court house, National and Multi national facility, government Sector or a public building. Moreover, concealed weapons and bomb detection is one of the greatest challenges facing the law enforcement bodies today. It's quite clear that screening people for weapons and explosives prior to entering secured areas requires reliable, dependable and accurate people screening security systems.

Walk-through Metal Detector


Walk-through Metal Detector systems provide the absolute lowest false alarm rates with the highest throughput in secure traffic flow. Unique patented multiple paired antenna coils marginalize false alarms on personal items, providing maximum detection and maximum reliability. The lowest false alarm and highest threat object detection rates are assured in the busiest and toughest security environments.

Handheld Metal Detector



Handheld vary the tone rate with the amount of metal (magnetic or nonmagnetic). This way an operator can clearly differentiate between innocent personal effects, floor steel rebar, and concealed weapons or bomb parts. This critical feature works automatically, without “desensitizing” buttons which can overlook serious threats. The Handheld’s greater sensitivity and larger, lighter scanning area enables screeners to non-invasively search more thoroughly, rapidly and efficiently.


Explosives Handheld Detector



DDS Technology provide an advanced explosives trace particulate and vapour handheld detectors detect military, commercial, even homemade explosives, liquid and powdered, such as TATP and other related peroxides, ICAO taggants, plastics, ammonium nitrate, black powder, and other nitrates.


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