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LPR is a license plate recognition solution developed to accurately read plates from virtually any country, state or province in the world. Whether in fixed or mobile installations, the LPR solution reads plates of parked or moving vehicles with unsurpassed accuracy. LPR is used within a variety of applications such as scofflaw and wanted vehicle identification, city-wide surveillance, parking enforcement, parking permit control, vehicle inventory, security and access control.


LPR Patroller

Front-end software The LPR Patroller automates the verification of collected license plates against designated databases. Working in tandem with other LPR solution components, the LPR Patroller alerts users of flagged license plates in the database through its simple and comprehensive user interface.

LPR Back-Office: Back-office reporting software

The LPR Back-Office provides users with the capability to search and review collected license plate reads over the course of a designated time period. Whether it is for investigation purposes, or re-verification of vehicle behaviour, users can examine information thoroughly from their own office.

IP-based LPR device

As an IP-based license plate recognition (LPR) device, the LPR provides superior plate reading performance, precisely deciphering license plate numbers of moving and parked vehicles. The LPR Sharp’s advanced technological capabilities allow it to read license plates spanning two lanes of traffic, as well as capture license plates of vehicles moving at speeds of up to 140 MPH or 225 km/h.

LPR Navigator

Comprehensive navigation device LPR Navigator provides users with location data for forensic investigative purposes with its built-in GPS functionality, compass, gyroscope and odometry. Where more accuracy is needed, such as parking enforcement, DDS’s enhanced technology provides accurate location data even when GPS signals are compromised, such as in dense urban areas.

International Plate Reading

With different license plate formats found all over the world, LPR was designed to efficiently read layouts and characters from various context environments. Regardless of geographic locations, the LPR solution caters to international requirements, reading all license plate types with high accuracy.