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DDS Specialties
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Fleet Management Systems & Tracking Systems
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Fleet Management System & Tracking Systems 

DDS Technology Canada & AP Global Network USA provides industry-leading vehicle, asset and personal tracking solutions, using state of the art GPS, Satellite, Mobile DVR, Cellular and RFID technologies. With clients in USA Canada , Mexico, Middle East and South Asia.

DDS Technology Canada & AP Global USA specializes in the Design Layout installation and after-sale service of GPS vehicle fleet management solutions.

DDS Technology Canada Provide Navigations System in large or small Transportations Industries , Railway , Police Vehicle , Government vehicles , City Transits, Contraction and Earth Moving Machinery, RV’s and Ship.
DDS Technology Canada offer variety of fleet management solutions to the commercial Sectors.

Fuel Management

Fuel is often the second biggest expense on a Fleet Manager's income statement and since you can't manage what you don't measure, we support a variety of methods to measure fuel - off the vehicle's through the FMS gateway or using a fuel-flow meter.

Electronic Hours of Service

With the ever changing regulatory environment surrounding DOT Hours of Service, it is important to partner with a long-standing company with over 20 years of experience in maintaining and supporting electronic hours of service compliance.


We understand the frustration with traditional methods of gathering state mileage information for IFTA reporting. We have designed a “hands-free” solution enabling your drivers to continue to do their job without the need to keep a log of state miles or routes taken.

Carbon Emissions

Regulation and social awareness is driving this global issue - reducing the carbon footprint of your business is no longer an option, it is an imperative.

Messaging & Voice

For those customers who choose not to invest in a Personal Navigation Device, DDST offers the FM Terminal for messaging and the FM Voice Kit for voice communication. By using the GSM modem built-in to the FM Communicator, clients save on communication costs and ensure better efficiency and control.

Driver & Vehicle Performance

DDST provides arguably the broadest range of fleet management information available on the market today. Detailed information about the performance and movements of your drivers and vehicles is available at your fingertips, delivered to you via FM-Web, our secure web hosted system.