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DDS Specialties
Explosives Detection System
Surveillance & Intelligence
Security Barrier &Parking Systems
Fleet Management Systems & Tracking Systems
Safety & security Film
Industrial & Lab Testing Equipment
UPS & Green Energy



Collaboration with Other's Companies

The DDS is collaborating with other national and international companies in following areas:


M/s. AP Global Network USA. is the grouping of companies are Fleet Management and monitoring System. The DDS has submitted following proposal as joint venture with M/s. AP Global Network USA. Eye Creative Int'l and Al-Sarim Associate Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their group

  • Commercial and Govt Transit Buses Supplies and Installation and Development of Mobile DVR , PA System, Wireless Communication System ,Navigation System, Monitoring Traffic and vehicle via satellite with infrared camera

  • Supplies, installation with technical support of Peel School Board and Nursing home , Security Camera, Walk Through Metal Detector, Motion Detectors Hand held motion Detectors, Explosions Device, Drug Detectors, Parking Systems

  • Export and installation of Security Equipment and parking system in USA Canada Mexico and Saudi Arab

Vehicle and Traffic Control

DDS Technology Canade and AP Global USA, dealing with manufacturing of Traffic Control Equipment, Traffic Monitoring System, Traffic Management System Electronic Map, etc. DDS & AP Global has been completing the project and provide technical support and turbo shooting 7/24 hours.

Hospitals Equipment and patients Monitoring System

The DDS is collaborating with Eye creative Int'l and Al-Sarim Associate-KSA Supplies and exporting in USA Canada, South Asia and Middle east. The DDS has Design Developed and installed Patients Monitoring Systems

Personal Tracking Systems

DDS Technology Design, manufacturing export For Personal Tracking Systems. Traffic Signal Camera Infrared System Night vision systems Zone expander and fire alarm DDS also provide worldwide wireless telecommunications and network system