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DDS Specialties
Explosives Detection System
Surveillance & Intelligence
Security Barrier &Parking Systems
Fleet Management Systems & Tracking Systems
Safety & security Film
Industrial & Lab Testing Equipment
UPS & Green Energy



DDS Technology Canada is one of the leading multifaceted business conglomerates in North America and is engaged in a wide range of activities that touch the most basic and far advanced aspects of everyday life in various divisions, such as the following

BIO-MED Division

DDS Technology Canada deal in chemicals, digital laboratories, Optomechanics, Motion control, Optics fiber, lights, Menlo Systems, light analysis, Imaging, cosmetics Surgeries, hospital and clinical supplies, Surgical item and clothing.

Industrial Division

We Export HVAC, Industrial PCS, Electrical, Materials Handling & Storage, Hardware, Building Materials, Interior Decor Products, Building Security Systems, Automation Systems supplies in commercial, industries and Refineries, Chemical Products Specialties Products.

Telecommunications & Security

we export a complete line of Metal Detection products for people screening and security at airports, government buildings, schools, and public facilities. For superior reliability, uniformity, accuracy and enhanced weapons detection, the walk through and handheld metal detection solutions use true digital signal processing and the latest advanced electronics. Matrix Systems, Cameras Analog/ IP/HD, intelligent Video, RFID PA systems, wireless communication, IT & Networking Telecom Power system and backup, communication heard wear , security systems, DVR, IP base systems IR and Night vision camera, Drug and Explosive device Cargo and Postal Scanning equipment , Advance Parking Systems, security barrier, Security, ID managements Systems

Fleet Management Systems

Technology Canada & AP Global Network USA (our sister company) also Provide full service 24/7 GPS Tracking, Personal tracking , traffic control equipment , traffic, NVRís, Mobile DVRís monitoring Systems , traffic management system, fleet management systems electronic mapping, PA systems IN Police and law enforcement vehicles, govt vehicles , earth moving Machinery or equipment.